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(SPS, SPR, SPS-Barbless, SPR-Barbless,)

This new SP point series hooks are the embodiment of the perfect harmony of the penetration power and hook strength. Its edged and hollowed point lowers the resistance of penetration and thus it will increase speed of the penetration. Then these hooks pierce a fish\'s mouth easily. Biologically speaking, when a hook pierces a fish\'s mouth in a flash, the wound will be constricted. That is one of the reasons why these hooks have true stable holding ability. When SP point comes in barbless, those features will be more prominent. The basal part of the point has \"apron\" on both sides. These tiny swelling will work as barb to some degree. Those hollowed triangular points are practical enough that can be sharpened easily on the spot. The SP point will also contribute to let streamers stable in the water because it will work like keel of a ship as the size of the hook get bigger.

SP stands for several words like Sport Point, Super Point or Special Point. We think these new SP point, especially SP-Barbless point are representing the sport aspect of fly fishing well. SP Straight, SP Rolled, SPS-Barbless, SPR-Barbless

TMC 100SP-BL - Available in Size # 10 - # 12 - # 14 - # 16 - # 18 - # 20 
Dry Fly, D/E, 0X-1X Heavy, 1,5X, Wide, Forged. SPS point, Barbless, Bronze
TMC 108SP-BL - Available in Size # 12 - # 14 - # 16 - # 18

\"Dolphin Shank\"- Dry Fly, Emerger, Nymph, 0,5XL, 0,5XF, Bronze, ST,F, SP-BL-point
TMC 202SP - Available in Sizes # 3/0 - 1/0 - 2 
Spey,Up-turned tapered loop-eye,Medium Wire, SPS point, Forged, Black.

- Available in Sizes - 4/0 - 3/0 - 2/0 - 1/0 - 2 and 1

This is the latest style of big game hook features SPR point. Eyes of each size are considered to be large enough to accommodate shock tippets. Made from high quality carbon steel for superb strength. A corrosion-resistant black nickel finish does not spook the fish.

Saltwater Fly, Straight eye, 3X Heavy, 3X Wide, 2X Short, Forged, SPR point, Black nickel
Size:  4/0, 3/0, 2/0 and 1/0, 2 and 1

TMC777SP (Only available in Sizes #6 - # 8 - # 10 - 20 pcs) Is out of production of Tiemco

This is a new streamer hook made from super strong carbon steel. Great for not only saltwater patterns, but freshwater streamers, mudllers and sculpin patterns. A corrosion-resistant black nickel finish.

Streamer & Saltwater Fly, Straight eye, 2X Heavy, 2.5X Wide, 3.5XL, Forged, SPS point, Black nickel Size: # 6, # 8 and # 10
                                ** THIS HOOK IS OUT OF PRODUCTION OF TIEMCO  **

- TMC2499SP-BL- Available in Sizes # 6  - # 8 - # 10 - # 12 - # 14 - #16 - # 18 

This new curved short shank hook based on TMC2488 has 2X heavy wire same with TMC2457 for added strength. This features SPR-Barbless point. Great for emergers, pupae & larva, shrimp, eggs, parachute patterns, terrestrials and so on. Truly versatile.

Dry Fly & Nymph, Straight eye, 2X Heavy, 3X Wide, 2X Short curved shank, Forged, SPR point, Barbless, Bronze Size: #6-18

This hook is also available in Black Color.

Good for the Tjechisch Nymph


TMC3761SP-BL -Available in Sizes # 10 - # 12 - # 14 - # 16

Same design as the TMC3761, except with SP point. With its 1X long and SP hook design, this hook should be a standard part of every fly tyer\'s selection of nymph hooks.

Wet Fly & Nymph, D/E, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sproat Bend, SP point, Barbless, Bronze Size: #10 - 16 Q100 or Q20 pack


TMC3769SP-BL -Available in Sizes  # 12 - # 14 - # 16

Same design as the TMC3769, except with SP point. An excellent hook for wet/nymph blind fishing where accelerated penetration and superior holding ability are needed. Barbless point doubles penetration ability. Ease to penetrate, hard to come off.

Wet Fly & Nymph, D/E, 2X Heavy, Sproat Bend, SP Point, Barbless, Bronze Size: #10-16 Q100 or Q20 pack