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New tying material


Truly a WOLLY bugger

Yet I found some time to that wolly chenille just try. A nice addition to the famous chenille repertoire that you found in any store. It seems in the distance what cactuschenillle but, as the name suggests, of wool. The black buggertje that I made ​​it looks fine. Nice woolly say. This should, once wet, soft and nice to be agile. Of course, it is in a range of colors.


Super Pearl Chenille streamer

A while back I was informed that I have some new bonding material inside had gotten to test. These included also Super pearl chenille by Textreme produced in Italy and in more and more specialized fly fish shops for sale. Also this product is exceptionally high quality and in a very easy process. Of the 15 mm. Variant, the 121-color fluorescent yellow afternoon I made anything streamers. Just yes. For the creation of five hens feathers and on winding chenille this is definitely not a high school fly tying. Actually I repeated the steps because, following the success of last season, also this streamer two-piece made​​. I am now convinced that a two-piece hook (articulated shak plus short-stalked hook) hook better than a long rigid hook. This sample I slid another Fish Skull cup. Then he waved not only fine but he dives also attractive. But you can also just tying the streamer and two eyelets on slices.



This fish is catched on the beach by Martha's Vineyard by Theo Bakelaar you see on the picture

The picture is made by Harry Schoel


This fish is cath with a hook TMC 8089N # 12. The weight is 26 pond. BIG FISH

The hook is a saltwater hook in a small size.

The hook is available in 4 sizes, # 2 - # 6 - # 10 - # 12.